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   Capener Ministries is the outgrowth of what began at first in 1991 as Ekklesia House, and then in 2002 as R & DC Ministries, Texas. R & DC Ministries was initially founded to put together under one organizational roof the recording and publishing operations of Ekklesia House. Ekklesia House began in 1991 primarliy as a digital recording studio operation aimed at recording spontaneous praise and worship gatherings taking place at various locations throughtout the northwest and Canada. More than 400 hours of spontaneous praise and worship music were recorded to digital tape. Thus far, a dozen cassette tapes and seventeen CD’s have been released from those music archives under the auspices of Ekklesia recordings. During the 1990’s, Regner and Della began publishing a series of Open Letters to the Ekklesia. Those letters were published under the auspices of Ekklesia Publishings.

   In 2002 with the change to R & DC Ministries, additional ministry objectives were added in the form of counseling for pastors and church leaders, along with enhanced publication of previous Open Letters; and in 2006 the name was changed to Capener Ministries and the purpose enlarged to the building and establishing of a 24 hour worship center and other related church operations. The ministry was moved from Texas to Washington in the early 2006 with founding of River Worship Center in Sunnyside.

River Worship Center currently operates both from Selah, Washington and Temple, Texas. Our gatherings on Sunday take place by a combination of Zoom and at 10:30 PST. This is a temporary situation until we are able to begin construction on a 24-hour worship center. For those wishing to participate with us on Zoom, the code to join the gathering is 835-926-513. For those who want to participate only by phone, the number to call is 712-770-6140. The access code is 308640.

Della and I have to commute periodically to Selah to be with the locals in person, but we have participants who join us from all over the nation.

Capener Ministries is also the umbrella organization for the public of a weekly online colum (and webiste) titled, Another Coffee Break.

Regner and Della Capener

Capener Ministries an organization dedicated to the establishing of 24-hour praise, worship and intercession ministries that minister specifically to the Lord Jesus Christ; and then to produce mature Christian believers who live and operate as true representatives of Jesus Christ, demonstrating His love, His power, and His authority.

Capener Ministries

The Capener Families Long Line of Ministerial History

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Founded in 2002, originally as R & DC Ministries, a Texas-based non-profit church association, Capener Ministries derives its name from many consecutive generations of Capeners who have served the Lord in various kinds of ministry.

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